Strongarm Herbicide (Diclosulam 84% WDG)

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Technical Name - Diclosulam 84% WDG

Method of application - Spray

Spectrum - Control of weeds (Cyperus spp, Commilena benghalensis, Euphorbia geniculata, Digera arvensis, Acylipha spp, Echinochlo colona)

Compatibility - Must be sprayed as single chemical

Frequency of application - Depends on weed stage or severity of weed.

Applicable crops - Soyabean

Crop Stage - pre-emergence herbicide applied in Soybean crop within 3 days after sowing. 

Features -·

  • Controls weed before they emerge out of soil
  • Tractor mounted sprayer after sowing
  • Applied by Knap-sack sprayer
  • Provides control of key broadleaf and sedge weeds
  • Strongarm is systemic in action

Dosage - 12.4 g/acre

Important Note - Use recomanded dose for spraying


DOW AgroSciences

DOW AgroSciences

DOW AgroSciences

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